Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I don't really blog anymore...

So I haven't been back here for months and months. I abandoned my blog. :(
I have been avoiding it, and too busy for it, and also disinterested in blogging. Explanations please?
My personal life has been a roller coaster the past few...well, years. And I don't want to blog about it.
But I don't like blogging about my daily life as a mommy and everything fabulous about that while leaving out dating and single life, it feels so edited.
So I just bagged it all.
Maybe not the best choice, I miss having my blog posts to look back at and read, and it's true what everyone says, you forget those things and later are so glad you took the time to document them.

So here's a short update, if for nothing else, so I am documenting for myself.

Naomi is 5, turning 6 so very soon! She is amazing and smart, and so beautiful, and just really such a great little girl. She loves kindergarten, is really thriving there. She is very observant and reasons well. She know when something isn't fair and wants to know why. She is so so so super stoked about our trip planned to disneyland next month! I am too!
Naomi writes and writes and writes. She draws too, but mostly writes these days. She wants to spell it correctly, and likes to give people notes. She is reading so well, really starting to pick it up quickly now. She loves art, paint, etc, she always has. My walls are covered with her artwork. She takes notebooks and pens with her everywhere, even to bed.
Naomi started ballet lessons again a few weeks ago, she is a darling little dancer and she really enjoys it.
She also is such a good sport for new food. She'll try anything and probably eat it. She eats like crazy and grows even faster. So. much. energy. She never seems to stop, she needs less sleep than I would like her to have.

James is 3 going on 4 soon. He's my little bubs, still so cuddly and always willing to hug and snuggle. He is quite the storyteller, his imagination is amazing and the stories he makes up are fantastic and can go on forever. He prefers wearing "cool" shirts like star wars, or batman, etc. He likes to stay home and play with mom, hates running errands. He dawdles, and stops to smell the roses every chance he gets.
He is growing so quickly too, getting so tall like his sister.
James goes to preschool twice a week and really loves it, sometimes he claims he'd rather stay home, but always loves being at school. He likes it when I co-op and get to stay and help at his school.
His motto seems to be, anything Naomi can do, I can do too.But he's willing to let her be the mastermind behind the mischief.
James has just started to write, he can write his name and knows a lot of letter sounds and wants to read (like Naomi).
His pretend play is the best to watch and listen, it's all monsters, pirates, warriors, ninjas, starwars, transformers, sharks, and dinosaurs and the ways they save each other, or the world, or get the bad guys. He is amazing on the wii, better than me.

And for me, I am in a masters program part time, with a graduation date of Summer 2013, then an internship. It's the Professional School Counseling program through Utah State. I'm learning a lot and am looking forward to graduating. I hope it is a job that works well with having kids in school.
We live in Salt Lake City now, moved the end of last Summer. It's been a good move, but it was an adjustment at first. Moving is just a lot of work no matter the situation. Now that we are all settled and in school and our routines it has been great.
I am running still, just not training for any race in particular at the moment, just trying to be overall fit and healthy. Running is good for your body and brain, I love how it makes me feel.

So that's a little update on what's going on here! I can't say I'll be back soon, I just don't know how much of my life I want to share, and if this is where I want to spend my extra time. I'll be back in the blogosphere eventually, but for now I'll check in every now and then.

A note from Naomi to me, she wrote this yesterday :)

James at his uncle's wedding in August

Naomi at her uncle's wedding last August
Those are natural curls, just air-dried. 

snuggling on the couch with Jamesy

Naomi ready to go in to ballet class

taking pictures of ourselves, we went to watch my niece play volleyball

Naomi working hard on a project!

Naomi's drawing of a pirate ship. Note the pirate sun in the top corner... :)

Naomi said she was dressed like a "cool dude" haha

Tea parties with juice and goldfish crackers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is how we roll

We sat outside in the sun and blew bubbles. We used a little bubble blower that has a tiny fan to blow bubbles for you. It worked, blowing big bubbles, but we decided that the bubble wands are just as much fun. James mastered the art of blowing just so, to make bubbles! James and Naomi took turns using both. Then James poured the rest of the lemon-scented bubble solution into his rain boot. Three-year-old reasoning that I just don't understand.

We hunted for slugs and bugs and found a few. James tried to get close to a pair of robins, they weren't very trusting and hopped away. James said he should throw rocks at him. I let him know that wouldn't win any friends for him. The birds flew away. Naomi and James visited our neighbors, a retired couple who like to give them treats. Today they came back with chocolate chip cookies. 
James used a stick to pretend it was a sword and tried to cut branches off the trees.
I showed Naomi and James the tiny buds of our tulips and daffodils that are just starting to push up out of the ground in front of our house. And made them promise not to walk on them!

the requested lunch was cheese roll-ups, spaghetti sauce for dip, milk, and grapes. I thought about making something more sophisticated for myself, but didn't.

Naomi went to preschool and James and I took a walk to the playground. He insisted on trying the monkey bars "all by himself". I let him, but saved him before the inevitable fall. He was so close to getting to the next bar. I helped him back and forth about twenty times. Ok, maybe not that many times, but probably about 8 times. After a while the three-year-old reasoning was present again and he was getting shoe-fulls of bark chips to dump down the slide. That was fun until an older girl wanted to use the slide, she was not amused.

 We walked home to get snacks and drinks and I decided it was time for a hair cut for James. His blond hair was getting a little long. I have clippers, I've cut it before, how difficult could it be?
It's difficult. Mostly because little boys like to wiggle and itchy hair makes them wiggle more. And trying to re-capture your escaped lady bug makes them wiggle the most.
But it turned out cute! Now that I know better what I'm doing, I can become his official hair-cutter. I've trimmed Naomi's several times, but scissors and clippers are entirely different animals. Lucky for me they both have curly hair, minor mistakes are invisible. And pretty soon I'll be pro, so no mistakes....

After James and I picked up Naomi and her carpool from preschool, Naomi's friend, Jagger got to come back home with us and play for a while.
We got out some dinosaur cards that were mine when I was little. I had a big dinosaur phase. I think everyone does. Stegosaurus is still my favorite. We learned how long, how big, what they ate, and how to say their names.

Now the kids are playing that they are puppies and making forts with blankets and chairs to be their dog houses. Naomi gets to be in charge. Because she just is. She named her puppies "fleabag" and "spider". I have no idea. Both boys willingly and readily comply. It works out well.

Also, the color orange has been highly debated lately at our house. Is it a girl color, or a boy color. James insists it is a BOY color. Naomi holds that is it definitely both. I have to agree with Naomi. In fact it's probably a really good neutral color, better than green (more boy) and yellow (more girl).
These are the important topics around the table these days. Daily requests for orange utensils, plates and cups are the norm. A few weeks ago it was yellow. I'm sure next week it will be green.

Life with kids is so daily, and not glamorous. But it's fun, and funny, and on days like today I really love it.
These are the little things that aren't so important, but I like writing about them, so I can look back and remember all those little details.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Boy!

James had a birthday! He is now a big boy! Three years old means you really aren't a baby anymore. Sad, but true. He's thrilled, I'm not. I like him as my little Jamesy-Baby.

James had his first birthday party with friends this year! His little boy cousins all came and had a super-awesome Spiderman party with James.

We played a duck-duck-goose variation, "spiderman, spiderman, green-goblin!" They were SO funny. We played freeze dance like at Naomi's party. The boys were super crazy and loved just running around.

Opening presents was so fun, the boys all crowded around and wanted to help and definitely wanted to help play with the new toys.

We had pizza and creamies and Spiderman Cupcakes! I was happy with how they turned out, the candles made them even better. James loved them and they actually looked like spider webs, phew!

At the end we had a Spiderman pinata, and party bags for all. It was so fun!
I wish I had taken more pictures at the party but the cupcake ones are cute enough.

James playing on his birthday at the playground while we waited for Naomi at ballet.

I like his shades, they are perfect for a party!

James getting ready to blow out the candles!

James is loving and sweet and crazy and tough. He loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses.

He loves to pretend he's flying in a rocket ship to outer space! Rocks, sticks, whatever he can find, becomes a rocket!

James loves wearing his 'froggy boots' and I love it too, he can get them on by himself.
He usually doesn't care what clothes I help him put on and he really doesn't like getting his hair done. He says he doesn't want to look handsome.

James loves to pretend he is a superhero, or a puppy, or a dinosaur, or dragon, or snake, lizard or Monster. Playing pirates is a favorite game and playing anything with his sister Naomi is fun.

James gets his "feelings hurt" easily if he gets in trouble. I sometimes find it hard to keep a straight face when I'm disciplining him.

He's my blue-eyed blond with kissable cheeks and a round little tummy. He loves to get "raspberries" on his tummy, (when I blow on it).

James's favorite foods are pretzels, olives, hot chocolate, red peppers and mushrooms.
He loves any treat I'll let him have.

The past three years with him have flown by, crazy fast. He was a very happy and easy baby, and so much fun! He would sleep anywhere and loved whatever food I gave him. He was a super chubby little love, with rolls and dimples everywhere. I loved it.

Now he's 3 and learning how to dress himself, and put his shoes on, and hopefully potty train soon, learns and sings songs, can count almost to 20 and is learning to write his name.
James is such a sweet boy and I'm so happy I get to be his mommy!
Happy Birthday (sweet baby) James!

Birthday Girl!

Naomi had a birthday! She turned 5!!!
It's crazy. I know everyone says that. But it still is.

Naomi had a birthday party on Valentine's Day, it was a Valentine's - Birthday Party! She loved it. I had some family over the next day for cake and ice cream too.
We played freeze dance, duck-duck-goose, made heart crafts (that didn't work out so well, but were fun to do anyway), opened presents, sang, ate cake, ice cream, fruit and veggies too! Played 'Pin the Kiss on the Frog' and just acted like little party animals! I had a fun Valentine's playlist that kept the kids moving and having fun.

playing in the sink with her new color-change Sleeping Beauty

Naomi and James
Happy Birthday Naomi!

Pin the Kiss on the Frog!

It was such a fun party and just a little bit crazy too!

She's so smart and growing up so quickly. I was looking at her today while I was watching her at preschool. Thinking how beautiful she is. I was remembering what a pretty baby she was. She was so bald, but she was just adorable. People used to stop me all the time and comment on how cute she was. And they would nearly always comment on how she has such beautiful skin. It's a mystery where she got her permanent tan, and how she gets so brown in the Summer. I'm thinking she's going to love it as she gets older. That girl never burns. But I do use sunscreen. Promise.

Naomi loves to play make-believe and construct elaborate games with her little brother. They are always rescuing, helping, exploring, fighting, racing.
Everyday, the use of all the throw blankets and pillows is required.

She is sometimes mischievous.
She is a good reasoner and likes to argue her point. She has a strong sense of justice.
She is giving and likes to make her friends and brother happy.

Naomi loves art. She colors, draws, writes notes and letters, paints, glues, cuts, tapes. She does these things every single day. All the time.
I have a wall covered with her drawings and colorings. I take everything down about once a month and it fills up incredibly fast with new art.
I love having her artwork in my house.
Naomi loves to write notes to everybody. It's so sweet and she is a good phonetic speller. She's getting picky and wants me to help her spell everything correctly lately.

Naomi's Grandma Linda had a birthday the other day. I told Naomi it was coming up and at preschool that day she made a pipe cleaner and bead bracelet for her Grandma. She brought it home and showed me, she was SO proud.
She put it in a box, with three jelly beans and a little drawing and taped the box shut. Then she cut and taped as much blue ribbon as she could fine to "wrap" her gift. it was adorable. She beamed with pride as her Grandma opened her gift.
I love her for being so sweet and thoughtful.
I love that she loves her own artwork.
I hope I can encourage her in that.

Naomi's favorite foods are still pickles and olives. She loves frozen peas, not cooked. She loves tuna sandwiches with banana peppers. Chocolate creamies and oreos are favorite treats.

Naomi is a daredevil. She loved the fast, crazy rides at Disneyland. The scarier the better!
It's a magical age. She believes in magic and still loves to be silly, she is getting the hang of knock-knock jokes and how to play rock-paper-scissors.

Naomi loves to choose her own outfits. I let her as long as it's weather-appropriate. It's usually a bit mis-matched but she loves it so I do too.

I love my Naomi girl, it's amazing another year has flown by. She's my first baby and my big girl and my little friend for everything. I am so thankful for my sweet girl and I hope I can be the mommy she needs.

Snow Day

Snowy fun with my little crazy kids!
Sometime in February here in our beautiful, snowy Cache Valley.
Her "Grandma Great" made for her that darling pink scarf. Naomi loves to wear it

Naomi is wearing my snowsuit from when I was a little girl. I don't know how waterproof it is, but it looks so sweet on her.

You can count on Naomi consuming large quantities of snow. It's just inevitable. So delicious :) 
James was pretending that his arm was a crane or a tractor scooping and dumping the snow.
He was almost too busy to look at me while I snapped his photo.


Last month Mark and I hit up Powder Mountain on possibly the best ski day of the season.
It was a bluebird day and tons of fresh powder from the night before.
Best skiing of my life I tell you!

I had never been to Powder, and after one day there, I'm sold. It's a great resort, not too crowded and definitely not as pricey as the other resorts in Utah. There were tons of fun runs, we didn't even cover half of them. It's a lot bigger than Beaver, ha!

I ski, Mark boards, and we have a good time every time we go. I love it.
Ski (and board...) season is just about over. I'm going to try to make it to Beaver Mountain one last time this weekend before it closes. All the other places will be open for a while yet, and Spring skiing is always so nice and sunny and warm!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My little Valentine's

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday and we love celebrating it! Naomi and I spent the afternoon the day before cutting out hearts and decorating the house for Valentine's and for her birthday party. Naomi loves decorating for holidays, it's such a big deal to her. We spent lots of time writing on our life-sized conversation hearts we stuck all over the walls.

James and his Dinosaur Valentine's card from mommy.

Putting the stickers back inside.

 We heart Valentine's Breakfast!

Pink heart-shaped pancakes actually tasted pretty good.

We had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Saint Patrick's Day was fun too, I didn't put the effort in to decorating, much to Naomi's disappointment. We made sure we all wore green and the kids were shocked to find that those mischievous little leprechauns had turned their milk GREEN! The whole gallon! I love holidays with little kids.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh My Blog

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy. I'm always busy. But I've not been spending my extra time blogging. Sometimes it's like that.
Right now I have tests in two classes within this next week. Lots of reading to do. Projects, papers, assignments. Etc.
School is taking up a lot of my free time lately.
And the rest of my time is mostly spent as a mommy!
I remember being a freshmen at Utah State, and I took 15 credits and worked part time and spent a LOT of time socializing. Somehow I managed to get it all done.
Now I'm taking 7 credits and feel swamped all the time! Funny how time changes things. And getting older.
Only about a month left for this semester and then I won't have classes again until this Fall when I can actually start the Professional School Counselor program. Yay! It will be different, busy too, I'm sure. It's confined to one evening a week, and is 6 credits. And the program is two years. That's long. But I'm excited to start it.
It's hard wearing different hats depending on what my responsibilities are at the moment. But being busy and finding balance is rewarding, so that's what I'm striving for.
Not much for today, I have lots of photos that need posting, but they will have to wait.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Book, On The Fringe

A friend of mine wrote this book! That's exciting! I would love to have the patience and focus to write a book. Oh, and the creativity.
It's called On The Fringe, by Courtney King Walker.
She is actually my sister Natalie's sister-in-law. Kinda, sorta family. Almost.
Check it out and keep it on your list of books to read.
It will be out October of this year!

Also, if you are on goodreads, be my friend!